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We have a no picnic policy and all dogs must be kept on leads. thank you.


Lake Ashmore was formally a gravel pit and in 1986 it was emptied and clay lined to transform it into a water ski lake. Our family have been fortunate enough to have private use of the lake since that time. In 2011, when Lake Ashmore came on the market, we naturally jumped at the opportunity to purchase it and set out on our journey to turn our passion for water sports into a business. After 5 long and hard years going through the planning process we finally got the go ahead in May 2016.






Lake Ashmore has approximately 35 acres of water and acres of rolling grassland adjoining it.


The Lake is family- run and our customers can always expect the best level of service. Our facilities include an attractive rustic Club house offering light refreshments and watersports equipment for sale, changing rooms, toilets, and a large car park.

We are situated right in the centre of the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside in the small village of Hemingford Grey. It is very easily accessed just off the A14, 14 miles north of Cambridge.


You can easily spend the whole day with us here at Lake Ashmore either taking part in the many activities available or come and spectate, relax and laze away the day. Grab yourself a chair and sit round the lake or take yourself down to the beach area to catch a few of those English rays!



The System 2.0 makes learning to wakeboard easy and playful. The upwards pull enables effortless starts and has proven to provide a steep learning curve to beginners. With its continuous ride and strong tension it also allows advanced riders to progress to water tricks or improve their rail-riding skills rapidly.

Wakeboarding is exhilarating, energizing and addictive but most of all it is great fun … so let us show you what all the fuss is about and we guarantee you’ll be back for more!

General Pay and Wake sessions

These are 15 minute sessions on the water and include coaching from our fully trained staff. You might just want to have a chilled ride, learn your first air raley or start progressing your riding. You will be amazed … before the end of your first session you’ll be standing up on your board! The 15 minute ride sessions are all about quality time on the water!

15 minute sessions: £20

Under 16’s 15minute sessions: £18

Student 15 minute session: £18

(Please note that hire kit is not included in these sessions)

Hire kit prices

You are of course welcome to bring your own kit to use at Liquid Skillz. We also have a small selection of wake gear to purchase and our staff will be pleased to advise you. If you need to rent gear, here are our prices:

Buoyancy aid: Free

Helmet: Free

Wetsuit: £3

Wakeboard: £3

Rider packs

Progression Sessions


8 sessions

8 sessions (£14 per session, only available to buy once per person)

5 sessions


(£18 per session)

10 Sessions


(£17 per session)

15 Sessions


(£15 per session)

30 Sessions


(£14 per session)

Family Pack


50 sessions

(£12 per session, can be used by all direct family, e.g. Dad, Mum and Kids)

Beginner Lesson


These beginner lessons include all the kit you need. You get a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet and wakeboard. Our fully trained instructors will give you a dry land lesson and then get you out on the water.

Here’s our guarantee … if we don’t get you up on your board we will give you your full money back!

Please note that hire kit is not included in these ride pack prices.

Open Water Swimming

Contact Nicola Waters: Active Waters Ltd, 07894460784, [email protected]
Our facility is a great place for Open Water Swimming whether you are training, want to get involved or are looking for a location to host your own event.

Active Waters hosts open water sessions at Lake Ashmore in partnership with Liquid skillz.

Our swim sessions are now registered with NOWCA.

  •  Changing rooms, lockers and showers facilities.
  • (Note- Lake Ashmore facilities may be closed before the end of our open water swim sessions, please do not leave your kit in the lockers).
  • Snacks and hot drinks available in the purpose built club house.
  • Plenty of cark parking spaces.
  • Large lake
  • Introduction to open water swimming for beginners & novices.
National Open Water Coaching Association (NOWCA).
Swimmers can enjoy the open water assured that the NOWCA venue they swim at uses a proven and robust safety system based around having a raised awareness of YOU in the water.
Every NOWCA member swimmer receives a safety wristband which can be used to access a network of affiliated venues around the UK.

PLEASE NOTE- you will have to register with NOWCA to swim with us at our public swim sessions. This is not mandatory for all coaching sessions.

​​Remember to select Lake Ashmore to pick up your wristband.

​​All swimmers must wear their NOWCA Safety Wristband every time they swim at our public swim sessions. It’s your personal profile on your wrist, you use it to scan yourself in to and out of the water. As operators, we will know who and how many swimmers are in the water, at any time. This is important for managing your swim safety. For you as a swimmer, wearing your NOWCA Safety Wristband will speed your entry into the water plus record your swim time and distance, just like wearing a chip at a triathlon.

​​All open water swimming sessions can be booked through the NOWCA BOOKING APP,

More info on our sessions:​

Our open water swimming season will run from Sunday 21st April through to Sunday 29th September 2024.
Adults: £6:50 per person, includes online booking fee.
Children 14 and over who want to swim unguided: £6:50 (must be experienced open water swimmers)
Children under 14, Saturday and Sundays only: £5 (must swim with an adult)

NOTE- all children MUST have their own NOWCA membership to be able to swim with us. We will allow 0ne TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY for children who want to experience open water for the first time. Alternatively you can book onto our introduction to open water swimming for children.

​​We also run private open water swimming sessions for swim/triathlon clubs and small groups. Please email us for more details on private sessions.

​If you are new to open water swimming, we run a group introduction to open water swimming, cost £25.00 per person which includes booking fee.

The group intro sessions are for swimmers who are new to open water swimming and want to gain confidence in open water. We will coach you the basic fundamentals for swimming in open water and guide you through our venue safety procedures.
You will need a wetsuit and a bright coloured swim hat and be able to at least swim 300 meters in a pool. PLEASE NOTE- these sessions are not for total beginners to swimming, you do need to be able to swim.

Minimum age is 15.

​Dates for our group introduction sessions are detailed on the NOWCA website and app.

​​Alternatively , if a group intro session is not for you, you might benefit more from a 1-2-1 coaching session, cost is £50. The 1-2-1 is structured specifically to your personal needs and goals. Please email us for more info on our intro group or 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

Lake Ashmore have their own Covid-19 guidelines in place. Toilets and changing rooms are open but only one person is allowed in at a time into the changing rooms, showers are not in use. You must wipe everything down you have touched with the antibacterial wipes inside the changing rooms and toilets, (wipes provided). Lake Ashmore are still serving hot and cold beverages from their kiosk but the clubhouse is closed to the public. Please visit their site for more info

​Please use the main car park and walk directly to the open water swimming meeting point. Just follow the gravel track road that’s situated on the right hand side of the wakeboarding area.

Arrive at lakeside no more than 15 mins before your swim slot. A member of our team will check that you are on our list and then let you in. You may be asked to wait if you arrive any earlier. Please be patient with our team, we will get you in swimming as quick and as safely as possible. Please use the hand sanitiser on entry and exit.

​​The swim meeting point will be set up similar to a triathlon transition. Only swimmers and one other family member to help you in your wetsuit will be allowed to enter. Families who are all swimming can enter together. If you want you can arrive in your wetsuit ready to swim.

​​There are marked entry and exit signs into and out of the water, please check in and out of the water with the spotter at bank-side to scan your wristband. The spotter will also give you a safety briefing if you have not swam with us before or if there are additional safety measures in place for the session.

​If you are new to our open water swimming sessions please let the team know. We will spend time with you going through our procedures to make sure you get the most out of your swim.

​​If you are new to our open water swimming sessions please let the team know. We will spend time with you going through our procedures to make sure you get the most out of your swim.

​If you need assistance once out in the water please roll over onto your back and wave and shout if you can at our safety team. A safety kayak will come over to you. Please note for this reason BACK STROKE swimming is not allowed at our venue. Two reasons for not allowing back stroke, one- we will think you need our assistance and two, you wont be able to see where you are going.

​​The swim routes are marked out by swim buoys, the swim routes and distances are displayed at the swim entry point.

When you leave the transition please check out at our entry/exit desk.

​​Have a great swim! Remember all of our team work on a voluntary basis to put these sessions on so please be patient with them. The other alternative was not to open up our sessions to the public at this difficult time; we have worked hard with our insurers and British triathlon to put these sessions on and are looking forward to seeing you all.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us.

​​​Note – we can not offer you a refund on your swim if you decide not to turn up. A Conditional refund system is in place on the Actio booking system for when we are fully booked and have a waiting list.

​​Please email us if you have any questions or if you need more details

​Open water is a fantastic experience, but it does come with its risks. Please read and abide by our terms and conditions below:

  • NOWCA wristbands must be worn at all times at our swim sessions. If you lose your band you will be charged for a new one.
  • Minor cuts and abrasions must be covered up with a plaster. If you have any deep cuts you must not swim.
  • Do not swim if you are unwell.
  • Do not swim if you are taking medication which may affect your ability to swim safely.
  • If you are unwell after open water swimming and suffering with flu-like symptoms or headaches please see your GP ASAP and inform them you have been swimming in open water.
  • Try not to ingest any water while swimming in open water.
  • Do not eat after open water swimming until you have washed your hands in fresh water.
  • It is compulsory to wear brightly coloured swim hats so you can clearly be seen in the water, (NO HAT, NO SWIM).
  • Wetsuits are optional, however we recommended you wear a wetsuit especially if you are a novice open water swimmer or not accustom to swimming in cold water.
  • NOTE- Swim tow floats are compulsory if you swim without a wetsuit on.
  • You must check in with the open water organiser on arrival and check out directly after exciting the water.
  • Please swim in groups or pairs for you own safety.
  • Please read safety notes on the notice board at every session.
  • If you are new to our sessions please make the safety team aware of this so they can give you a safety briefing.
  • Please be alert to the environment and other swimmers around you and make the organisers aware of any concerns you may have or if you see other swimmers in distress.
  • It is your responsibility to check the organiser has your emergency contact details.
  • Under 14s must swim with an adult at all times. 14-18 year olds can swim on their own providing they are experienced open swim with one of our safety team.
  • Back stroke is not permitted at any time during the session.

Please do not come to our swim sessions if you are symptomatic of Covid-19, living in a household with Covid -19 infection OR if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds.

For more information:

Nicola Waters

Active Waters Ltd


Instagram: @activewatersltd
Facebook: Active Waters Ltd
Email: [email protected]


Stand up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great way to get out on the water in a more relaxed environment. Due to the size of the paddleboards participants have to be 12 years and over. Sessions last for 1 hour on the water, with instruction where required. A great way to explore the rest of the lake.

1 hour session


per person

(includes wetsuit hire & life jacket hire)

Stand up Paddle-board packs


6 sessions

(£23 per session)


10 sessions

(£21 per session)


30 sessions

(£18 per session)

All equipment (Board, paddle, wetsuit and life jacket) are included in the price.

Why not Bring your own board? £18 launch fee for the day. Pay on arrival (life jackets are mandatory but are not included. They can be hired on arrival along with wetsuits if required)

We now have bulk packs available for launch fees. Which are- 10 launch for £150 ( £15 per launch), 20 launch for £240 (£12 per launch) and 30 launch for £300 (£10 per launch)

Inflatable Ride

Our Inflatable rides are mega fun and give participants the chance take turns in tearing up and down the lake on our big inflatables, feeling every bump and splash along the way! Inflatable rides can be the perfect added extra along with our other activities on site or great fun on their own.


15 minute session

(2 adults or 3 children at a time, Max 3 groups per session)




Most of our obstacles are designed and fabricated by the Industry Wake Parks crew. All the wakeboard obstacles are safe, user friendly and designed with decades of experience. We have created a progression ladder through the park. No matter what standard you are at, there is an obstacle for you to use and an obstacle for you to progress onto and dream of ‘hitting’! The better you get the more there is to play on!


We operate with a Sesitec System 2.0 cable tow and you as the rider have the option to simply board up and down or ‘hit’ the obstacles when you are ready.



All our staff are fully trained and qualified.
All the team have valid first aid licenses and have been CRB checked.


The beauty of the System 2.0 cable tow is that you have an operator and a rider; this means it is one to one. When you are in the water the operator is concentrating 100% on you and helping you to improve, progress your riding and have fun. Our instructors and coaches will work with you to keep you learning new trick after new trick and rapidly moving up the progression ladder. We love passing on our knowledge and we get just as much of a buzz from teaching our riders as we do riding ourselves!

Beach and separate area for swimming


Great place to go chill, swim (within designated area) have a bite to eat and watch all the activities going on!

If you’re feeling hungry why not try the food in our cafe which is open all day serving a selection of Homemade food, fresh cakes and Wood fired pizzas. We also serve Artisan coffees, brewed to perfection and have a selection of drinks to quench your thirst

opening hours


From the start of 6th April;

Friday 10-6
Saturday and Sunday 10-6

From the start of Summer school Holidays;

Wednesday – Sunday 10-8

From the End of Summer Holidays to last weekend in October:

Friday – Sunday 10-7


NO Alcohol allowed on site.

Find Us

Lake Ashmore , Gore Tree Road, Hemingford Grey, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

For SATNAV use PE28 9BP. Note entrance is off Gore Tree Road not Long Lane
(1/3 mile from A1307)

From St. Ives

On Harrison Way turn right at Vindis Roundabout signed to The Hemingfords on to Hemingford Road. Continue straight for 1 mile (becomes St. Ives Road and High Street) then turn left onto Braggs Lane (Opposite The Cock, signed to Hemingford Abbots). Continue straight for ½ mile on to Gore Tree Road. Entrance is on left after sharp left bend.

From Cambridge (Westbound)

Leave A14 North at junction 24, at roundabout take 4th exit, keep right to continue towards Huntingdon Rd/A1307, at roundabout, take 1st exit onto Huntingdon Rd/A1307, Take the exit just after St Ives (25) signed to Hemingford Abbots then re-join the A1307 (towards Cambridge). Leave at the next exit signed to Hemingford Grey on to Gore Tree Road. Entrance is 1/3 mile on the right.

From Huntingdon (Eastbound)

Take the A1307 towards St Ives, Take the exit towards Hemingford Grey on to Gore Tree Road. Entrance is 1/3 mile on the right.

Get in touch

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or are after more of a bespoke booking. Call us on 01480 260266 or email us at [email protected]. look forward to hearing from you